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Business Strategy

Established in 1981 as a Public Limited Company pursuant with Legislative Decree No 43 (founded in 1969), we are the largest hydrocarbon corporate entity in Peru in terms of total sales and the largest enterprise of the Peruvian sovereign (100% owned by the Peruvian State). We are also Peru’s second largest refinery in terms of refining volume capacity and represent a critical part of the country’s energy infrastructure and economy. We have the largest distribution network for crude oil and refined products in the country, and we are the sole provider of refined products to certain areas of Peru, as well as to the Peruvian military and the national police forces. We are also the owner and operator of Peru’s main oil pipeline, the “Noperuano Pipeline”, which links the crude oil production fields in the northern rainforest of Peru with our facilities in the Port of Bayovar near our Talara Refinery. In addition, we own five refineries in Peru, including the Pucallpa Refinery currently leased to Maple Gas Corporation del Perú S.R.L., as well as distribution terminals, sales plants and offshore production assets.

Our business is comprised primarily of midstream and downstream petroleum
activities, including:

  • The refining and blending of crude and intermediate hydrocarbon
  • The distribution and sale of refined products through our wholesale
    distributors and associated retail service stations and direct sales.
  • The transportation of crude through the Norperuano Pipeline.

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